Health Safety Compliance

MEM Health and Safety Services Ltd supports a wide variety of clients, in industry, commerce, local and central government and education, in a practical, economic way, to provide:

  • Training

  • Audits

  • Accident Investigations

  • Policy Manuals

  • Risk Assessment

  • Consultancy

  • Specialist Support and Assistance

  • Expert Witness Investigations

The Company's aims are to:
  • Remove the mystique from managing the health and safety of employees;

  • Provide support and training in an economical, practical and professional manner;

  • Tailor the support and training to the needs of each Client.

  • Specialized Certified Health Safety

  • Health Safety Environment Manual and Policy & Procedure Development

  • Construction safety management

  • Occupational hygiene

  • Alcohol & Drug Protocols-Canadian Model: Train-The-trainer

  • Tap Root Root Cause Analysis Investigation

  • OHS program auditing, evaluation and development (ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001)

  • Indoor air quality / noise auditing

  • OHS manual and procedural development

  • OHS training

  • Supervisory Training

  • Hazard Assessment (management and worker level)

  • Emergency Response Management Program (Corporate)


  • Hazcom

  • TDG-Ground

  • DG-IATA Air

  • H2S Alive (Sour Gas) Training

  • Worker Orientation Program

  • Fall Protection

  • Confined Space

  • Bill C45 Awareness

  • Standard First Aid

  • Advanced First Aid

  • DOT-Marine Day Skipper

  • PCOC (pleasure craft operators card): Canadian Coast Guard Certified


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