Remote Site Emergency Medical Services

We support a global network of remote site professional medical providers to diverse client groups. These include mining, oil and gas sectors and remote and mobile construction project sites. Our strength is in our staff of medical professionals (Nurses, Physician Assistants, Paramedics & EMT’s.  In addition, we maintain a Physician as our medical director to assist in claims management and back to work programs.

  • Emergency Medical Services

  • Short and long term provider of medical professionals

  • Provider of medical professionals for remote construction and operational projects including

  • Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTA)

  • Paramedics (EMT-P)

  • Nurses

  • Physician Assistants (PA)

  • Physicians

  • Medical equipment supplier

  • Mobile treatment centers

  • Emergency Mobile Transport Units (EMTU)

  • Standard and advanced medical equipment and supplies

  • Pre-employment medicals

  • Modified work programs

  • Claims assisted management

  • Also available: Dual role medic/HSE provider (EMTA-only)


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